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Information for Incoming Students

Welcome Address

Incoming mathematics students from our partner universities are most welcome to spend up to two semesters (10 months) of their undergraduate studies at our Mathematics Department on ERASMUS. We will do our outmost to turn your stay at Hamburg into a great success! The following guidelines in this page explain some of the required preparations and procedures before and during your studies. In case of interest, please feel free to get in touch with us straight on, even if you haven't finalized your decision concerning a possible participation in the ERASMUS programme, yet.

Yours sincereley,
Professor Armin Iske (ERASMUS Coordinator) and Astrid Benz M.A. (ERASMUS Officer)


Prior to your arrival at Hamburg an agreement between your home institution's ERASMUS coordinator and our ERASMUS coordination must be made. Therefore, for initiation and planning purposes, your first contact should be the ERASMUS office of your home institution. The ERASMUS coordinator of your home institution will then refer you to us, so that we can help with accommodation, planning and paperwork as early as possible.


The paperwork required before your arrival at Hamburg is mainly concerning admission, registration, accomodation, health insurance, and visa (if applicable). We will be more than happy to support you with filling in the necessary forms and with other administrative details. To this end, however, it is quite important for you to get in touch with us as early as possible, about three months before your arrival at Hamburg at the very latest.

Temporary Semester Ticket

During your stay at Hamburg, you will be provided with a temporary semester ticket, which includes a public transportation pass at reasonable charge. Moreover, you will obtain an (international) student's card from the university shortly after your arrival at Hamburg.

Bank Account

Students can easily open a bank account at any bank in Germany. To this end, the following documents are usually needed: identiy card or passport, confirmation of residence showing your address in Germany, and your student identity card. We will be more than happy to help you with opening a bank account.


Accommodation is provided through the university, usually in student dormitories, at reasonable rent (currently about 230 EUR per month). The dormitories are well-located near the university campus and well-equipped (usually) with internet access and other useful facilities. But it is important that you get in touch with us as early as possible, so that we can help you with timely reservation for a suitable accommodation.

Language Courses

The University of Hamburg offers German language courses free of charge for Erasmus students. The courses are run by professional and experienced language teachers. The language courses are split into three different levels. Timely before the courses commence, individual tests are made to classify each single student by their language level. We strongly recommend incoming Erasmus students to participate in the language courses. We remark that most of the mathematics modules (lectures with tutorials and seminars) are in German, although on request exceptions can be made. Our ERASMUS office will provide additional individual support with the language, if this is necessary for you.

Transcript of Records

Make sure to collect a transcript of records timely before your departure from Hamburg. The transcript of records lists all modules (lectures with tutorials and seminars) that you have attended and/or passed, showing corresponding ECTS credit points and grades (if applicable) for each of the individual modules. Most modules require final (written or oral) exams at the end of the semester. Most module convenors are flexible enough to organize separate oral (or written) exams for ERASMUS students in English. If you wish to choose this option, please get in touch with the module convenors as early as possible. Again, the ERASMUS office of the Mathematics Department will be more than happy to support you in case of language problems (if any).

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